niedziela, 18 listopada 2007
never be the same again ::
You write to me, you want things to stay as they were in the meadow, a moment of hesitation and you unwittingly negate your own words. Things will never be the same again, and somewhere inside you don't really want to live in our world that we created long time ago.

don;t want to forget, don't want to miss...all i can breath is your life...


12:08, pomiedzyslowami
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środa, 14 listopada 2007
in my bedroom ::

It keeps on raining, white snowflakes are falling down the ground forming a soft carpet... it's a pity, it isn't for me. In my bedroom, there are cosy quilt and tolerable stillness when nobody's home... it's so empty here. I'm not the only one who likes winter, THEY love it too, i don't know why, but always, like bad monsters form childidh cartoons they're trying to destroy the most important.

 You're not here when I need your voice, you are not here because there are 5 other people waiting for you, you are not here because you're bored with me, you are not there, because you've got somebody else to smile, and to cry. Don't want to trust you any more... 


11:51, pomiedzyslowami
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niedziela, 11 listopada 2007
10 little snowmen ;)

" 10 little snowmen riding on a sled, one fell off and bumped his head, Frosty called the doctor and the doctor said, No more snowmen riding on that sled!"

Who could imagine, the curtains of snowflakes are falling from the sky... some of them are softly falling on me...mmm.. despite the fact that the temperature is 2 under 0 I feel fine, a warm, inner touch overtakes me fom all sides. I will always associate snow with carefree childhood... how much happiness accompained when building up a snowman, how much fun was during our snowball-wars, oi, how many briuses were left after sledge's excursion(!), how many times, mother was angry at me : becasue socks are all wet, because... and little B. enjoying enourmously, was hugging her mom thanking her for another beautiful day.

Sometimes I long for being a little girl again...


14:25, pomiedzyslowami
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